What is Summer Camp Live?
Summer Camp Live is a free virtual environment designed to connect parents and campers with summer camps and summer programs. Our Virtual Fair is tailored for your busy schedule and is open 24 hours a day. Jumpstart your summer camp search and visit the Fair today.
What is the Camp Hall?
The Camp Hall showcases summer camps and programs providing parents and campers with a unique online experience. At the Fair you can visit hundreds of virtual booths, watch videos, view digital marketing material, link to camp websites, application forms and much more. Access chat areas to interact live with camp advisors. Social media is available to share feedback and discuss camp choices. Click here to visit the fair, its completely free!
How does the Virtual Fair work?
Our Virtual Fair provides more benefits than a traditional camp fair. Anyone can attend the fair from the comfort of a home or office, 24 hours a day, without travelling to a physical location. Parents and campers navigate through a virtual exhibit hall and interact with camp representatives just as they would at a physical fair. The difference is that we bring the fair directly to you!
When can I attend?
The Virtual Fair is open year round and during specific days of the year we host live events where the virtual camp booths are "staffed" by the camp. Attendees can schedule individual appointments with camp advisors at their convenience. Attendees can also participate in "private" events hosted by Summer Camp Live.
Do I need to pay?
No. Entrance to the Fair is completely free. Click here to sign up and access the fair.
What features does the Virtual Fair offer?
By simply signing up, you can experience any of our online features, such as live chats with camp advisors, watch videos make appointments, and much more. In addition, a virtual theatre offers videos and presentations from the summer camp industry.
Can I make an appointment with a camp at the Virtual Fair?
Yes. Use our “Make an Appointment” feature to set up an appointment with a camp representative and meet them at the Virtual Fair at your convenience.
What else can I do at the Virtual Fair?
Summer Camp Live also offers information on summer camp resources, networking capabilities, prizes and special discounts from event sponsors and participating organizations.
Where is Summer Camp Live located?
Summer Camp Live is held completely online.
What summer camps and programs are available?
Over two thousand summer camp and programs worldwide.
Who will attend Summer Camp Live?
Prospective campers, parents and camp representatives attend the Fair. Summer camp advisors and counselors will staff camp booths at specific times and during special live events.
What are the benefits of Summer Camp Live?

Through Summer Camp Live you can explore many summer camp and programs right from your computer. It's fast, it's free, and it makes economic sense to narrow down your summer camp search before you actually make a decision.

Besides, we all know it's expensive and time consuming to pack up and visit each camp. Even attending a physical camp fair can be time consuming. Browsing a traditional directory is no more efficient. Save time and travel costs with Summer Camp Live. Chat live with camp staff from the comfort of your computer!

What can I do at the Virtual Fair?
  • Search for camps and programs in an organized way based on your user-defined criteria.
  • Communicate via live chat with camp staff worldwide.
  • Access camp's videos, brochures and marketing materials.
  • Avoid browsing multiple websites.
  • Chat and learn from the comfort of your computer.
Can I come and go as I please?
Absolutely! Attendees can "come and go" as they please, visit booths and sessions that interest them most and spend as much time as they want in any area of the Virtual Fair, any time, any day. Registering provides the most access to view all the information in the camp's booths and listings.
How can I get myself or my company involved in sponsorship opportunities?
If you are interested in finding out more on sponsorship opportunities please contact us at info@summercamplive.com
What are the technical requirements for attending the Virtual Fair?

A Windows PC is required with Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 10 or 11, or Google Chrome 18. A Mac with Firefox 10 or 11, Safari 4, 5.0.5 or 5.1 and Google Chrome 18 are also supported. We support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 on PCs. Leopard, Lion, and Snow Leopard are supported on Macs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 6.2 (64 bit) are also supported operating systems. Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher is required.

Access to the Internet using high-speed access (Cable, DSL, Network) is highly recommended for the overall environment. Pop-up blockers must also be disabled and cookies and JavaScript should be enabled. It is recommended to navigate the fair with a display resolution of 1024 x 768.

To download the latest browser versions:
Will I still be able to participate if I have a firewall in place?
In most cases firewalls will not pose any problem. You should be able to participate in the entire event even if you have a firewall in place.


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